Installation view, Featured Artist Ray Smith

What is Homage

Co-curators Abidemi Olowonira and Elizabeth Chatham of Azure Arts are pleased to announce Homage, a group exhibition opening April 12, 2024 in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Featuring an assemblage of striking works from a diverse group of New York-based artists, the exhibition explores  the vast and varying ways in which we as humans pay homage. Embodying memory, ancestral narratives and mythologies, as well as physical materials as vessels, Homage not only links past and present but refuses to erase our respective histories. In the vein of paying “homage”, the exhibition is housed in a turn of the century ship repair yard in Red Hook. Here, we commemorate the history held within its walls.

To my mind, one does not put oneself in place of the past; one only adds a new link. -Cy Twombly.

Celebrating the perpetual bond between history and contemporary art, Homage offers visitors a thought-provoking journey through a tapestry of mediums and cultural narratives. It highlights how our respective environments, circumstances, ideologies and materials play a pivotal role in shaping the ever-evolving landscape of art. In doing so, the curators intend to provoke discussions surrounding the essence of art and the dynamic forces that drive its evolution. 

The featured artists collectively embark on a creative exploration of materials, themes, and environments. While they have uniquely mastered their craft of manipulating and elevating repurposed materials specific to their personal trajectory and/or cultural identity, each shares a commitment to paying homage– honoring tradition, storytelling, and the creative process in and of itself.

Tom Fruin

Centre Space Brooklyn

Inaugural Exhibition

Homage Project x Centre Space

Red Hook, Brooklyn is one of the last neighborhoods in NYC where artists can afford to live and work. However, continued redevelopment in Red Hook is beginning to displace many of these artists. Therefore, we are partnering with the founders of what will be called “Centre Space” at 150 Centre St., Brooklyn, NY.

In the vein of paying “homage”, Centre Space’s inaugural exhibition opening next month honors the building’s history as it is converted from a turn of the century ship repair facility into a multi-use project site for creatives to generate a vibrant arts community.

Installation view, by Artist Tom Fruin